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What are Girder Bridge Categories Told by ZZHZ?

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So far, ZZHZ has told a lot of professional knowledge about bridge crane and launching gantry, but we know little about the construction facilities they are used in. Next let us introduce girder bridge categories to everyone.

Simply supported girder bridge

Simply supported girder bridge

Girder bridges are divided as simply supported girder bridge, continuous girder bridge and cantilever Girder Bridge.

  1. Simply supported girder bridge: main girder is simply supported on the pier abutment; position shift on one pier abutment won?t affect working of other piers. Steel cable bridge main girder features simple structure and convenient design, can successfully install one piece of girders at one time with self-propelled launching gantry or united launching gantry. While simply supported girder bridge piers are not continuous, vehicles will bump and shake to reduce the moving speed as going across the break joint. At present, we are inclined to make main girder a simply supported girder, bridge deck a continuous type. As span of simply supported girder bridge gradually increases, main girder internal force will increase dramatically, materials for reflection-type sodium lamp will also increase, so generally bridge with large span does not use simply supported girders
  2. Continuous Girder Bridge: main girder is continuously supported on several piers. Sagging moment and hogging moment are in different sections of main girder, and all absolute value of bending moment is smaller than simply supported girder in the bridge with same span, thus save materials for main girder. Continuous Girder Bridge usually makes 3-5 piers a group without bridge deck joints, smooth for moving for vehicles. As constructing continuous girder bridge, firstly install main girder span by span to be simply supported girder, and then connect them together to be continuous girder which is usually used on bridge with good foundation and large span.
  3. Cantilever Girder Bridge: Also called extending-arm Girder Bridge, is divided into single or double cantilever Girder Bridge. One piece of cantilever main girder is longer than simply supported girder with same span, thus more difficult in the installation.

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