functions of sensor of launching gantry

What are functions of sensor of launching gantry?

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Launching gantry is common bridge construction equipment, whose main function is to lift, move and put down precast girders in the fixed position.

launching gantry

launching gantry

Launching gantry has a large mechanical strength, it has a high centre of gravity and large weight of shift as it moves with precast girder, thus a little neglect may cause an accident. While a tilt angle sensor provides a good way to solve the problem.

Tilt angle sensor mainly focus on real-time measurement of tile angle of launching gantry, as well as filter casino online out noise produced by mechanical vibration to ensure a reliable communication and precise judgment, which adds a safe lock for the safe use of launching gantry.

Limit devices such as pressure valve (such as load limit and hydro-cylinder limit) or electronic mechanical limit are set for all movements of launching gantry, when they work, relative movements stop, which means when safety device or system of launching gantry fails to work, that the system stops working immediately, fault indicating lamp in the control room twinkles and the buzzer warning alarms. The system sets up interlocking condition, the whole system will stop working when important safety devices (such as cylinder limit, weight limiter) send a warning, the work can continue by resetting control button after trouble shooting.

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