functions of bridge building crane electrical system

What are functions of bridge building crane electrical system?

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The bridge building crane works in a poor working condition, once an accident occurs, it will takes a lot of money and time to maintain it and has an influence on bridge girder installation and construction progress. ZZHZ develops HZQ bridge building crane both for highway and railway. Functions of its electrical system meet the following demands:

bridge building crane

bridge building crane

  1. The electrical system shall have the function to handle and control all signals and information which meet the work requirements of lifting machinery;
  2. Have the function of real-time recording and historical retrospection of operating status and fault information of lifting machinery;
  3. Have the function of fault self-diagnosis. The electrical system shall possess self-check program as starting up to inspect alarming, displaying and other functions; the bridge building crane can send an immediate alarming signal when its self-system has a trouble;
  4. Have the function of real-time display in the working condition, which can show operating status and working parameters of lifting machinery in the way of curve, graphic and words to driver and management staff;
  5. The alarming device shall send clear sound and light alarm signal to operators and workers in the dangerous area;
  6. The user communication protocol of electrical system shall be open to all.
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