honeycomb type launching girder

What are features of honeycomb type launching girder?

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Honeycomb type launching girder made by our company can construct straight bridge as well as bridge with certain gradient and curvature;

honeycomb type launching girder

honeycomb type launching girder

can lift bridge girder as well as cross spans with self power, namely the complete machine moves one span to next span. As installing bridge girders with many different spans,  installation of launching girder only one time can finish all work.

Because honeycomb type launching girder can adjust spans, it can realize installing bridge spans in the scope of max design span. The installation and disassembly of launching girder can be finished on the abutment at front part, but not between two piers, and with low height, it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble it and save a lot of time for construction.

With above advantages, honeycomb type launching girder is widely used in bridge construction with precast girders.

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