What are dangerous operations of the launching gantry?

FAQ 八 07, 2012 What are dangerous operations of the launching gantry?已关闭评论

The launching gantry belongs to heavy-duty machinery equipment, a small mistake can cause serious accident. Therefore , the operator must operate the machine bridge girder launcherseriously according to the safe operating rules. ZZHZ has very rich experience of producing bridge girder launching gantry, therefore, it tells us what are dangerous operations:

1)?lifting goods without supervising (precast box girder and guiding girder etc.)
2)?the bridge girder launching gantry lifts persons
3)?the person who operates? launching crane without license
4)?lift goods which is heavier than rated lifting capacity or the goods with unsure weight
5)?lift unbalanced load, or the goods are bound on the earth.
6)?Swing the load or lifting tools when the machine is traveling longitudinaly.
7)?The lifting tools are used as support for load.
8)?The steel rope is used as lifting rope for load
9)?The steel rope is used as grounding line when it is welded.

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