Common bridge construction methods

What are common bridge construction methods?

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In my 4 years of work, I learn below common bridge construction methods:

1. full span pre-cast girder installation method

The full span girders are pre-fabricated in the precast yard and then be installed with launching gantry

2. segments assembly method

The girder segments are pre-fabricated and then be hanged, after all segments in one span are hanged up, tension them with pre-stressed tendons before lowering down

3. cast-in-situ method

The bridge girder is cast-in-situ in the formwork of movable scaffolding system span by span

4. incremental launching method

The bridge girder is pre-fabricated behind the abutment, then push the pre-cast girder forward with jacking cylinders and sliding bearings

5. cantilever balanced method

It refers to symmetrically install precast girder segments by taking pier as the centre line

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