attentions for girder installation

What are attentions for girder installation?

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As installing precast girder with bridge construction crane, below demands shall be met to ensure a safe and ordered girder installation work.

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1. Before lifting the precast girder, remove obstacles around the girder. Lift one end of precast girder firstly, and then the other end, lifting two ends at the same time is prohibited before the precast girder leaves the ground;

2. Rail base for girder carrier shall have enough width and evenness, the rail shall be straight and smooth, the sleepers firm, and the rail joint has to avoid looseness, disjunction and going down;

3. Check whether there have obstacles on the rail before longitudinally and laterally carry the precast girder, worker shall not stay on the rail and use damaged steel wire rope;

4. There shall have special workers to command girder carrying, contact and communication devices shall be complete with a clear signal;

5. Clean precast girder top and bottom before lift it on the girder carrier to avoid hurting people by falling objects. In the lifting process, it is strictly forbidden for people to stay under the lifting objects, fix the carrier before dropping the girder, put one end of precast girder in place firstly, then another end;

6. Firmly support the precast girder as carrying it to keep a balanced stress for girder carrier, keep an uniform and slow carrying speed, and pay attention to stability of precast girder on the carrier;

7. As installing precast girder, use crowbar to make it be put in exact place, moving girder with hands or putting hands below the girder are not allowed. After the precast girder is put well, an immediate support and lateral connection shall be done to ensure stability of precast girder.

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