assembly requirements on internal formwork

What are assembly requirements on internal formwork?

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Here we refers post-tensioning method to produce a concrete girder, now we introduce some knowledge on formwork assembly, here means internal formwork.

internal formwork

internal formwork

Assemble internal formwork: internal formwork is of all hydraulic external force driving the entirety. Make formwork open to inter cavity size of designed box girder by driving force of cylinder, install mechanical screw on the bracket of internal formwork, and put the entity with gantry crane on the base which has been equipped with bottom web plate reinforcement. Then install embedded parts for hope opener for ventilation hole, water drainage pipe and its fixed device, hole opener for hoist hole, embedded nuts for fixed pipe clamp and embedded steel plate for reserved ladder. To ensure the thickness of web plate and avoid internal formwork swaying as pouring the cement, connect internal formwork and external formwork (at the position of ventilation hole) and end formwork with bolts, supporting of internal formwork is realized by putting buttress which is also pulling rod of bottom and internal formwork on the bottom formwork in the water drainage hole,

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