Analysis for Bridge Construction Crane Accident

What are Analysis for Bridge Construction Crane Accident?

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As a professional manufacturer and seller of bridge construction crane? in China, ZZHZ has witnessed many tragedies: devastating accidents caused by the derail and overturn of the bridge girder launcher. Once it happens, the repair will not only cost a long time and a lot of money, but seriously affect the progress of bridge construction and rail construction. With a rapid development of high speed railway, bridge girder launcher will be used more frequently, if there happens an accident, there will have bigger losses and casualties

bridge crane

bridge crane

1. Artificial factor

Each accident is caused by some artificial factors. Actually, if the construction company builds the roadbed and constructs the bridge with high quality by strictly following related regulations, the accident will not happen. Sometimes in order to drive time limit, related construction company neglects safety measures and work standards, leaving hidden trouble to an accident

?2. Roadbed and line factors

The main reason to cause an overturn accident of bridge girder launcher is roadbed and railway line with bad quality. In the new line and on existing line, there are some hidden troubles more or less such as grave, arc stone pit, local backfilling, ponding immersing, undercurrents transfusion and so on. Especially the filled soil between bridge abutment and bridge head is not solid, which can cause an accident easily. Railway line with bad quality and with unsmooth slope will lead to overturn and skid of the bridge girder launcher

?3. Factors from bridge girder launcher

Cantilever type bridge girder launcher need to pass through roadbed of bridge head, lifting precast girder. With a high centre of gravity and large axle load as moving forward, the overturn can happen easily. At present, we mainly adopt single girder (or double girder) type bridge girder launcher. Even though they are more advanced, they still have unreasonable structures such as long body, large self weight, large axle load, higher centre of gravity and no protection device, once the accident happens, we can not find an effective solution.

4. Bad maintenance of equipment

Bridge girder launcher is of large-sized and complicated equipment with many operation procedures. Some key position breaks down or some critical process is operated incorrectly, which can cause overturn accident. For example: because of a bad maintenance of a bridge girder launcher,No.2 brake breaks down at work which leads to a crash between No.2 transporter and main engine, then the main engine derails immediately, cause a big trouble.

The accident of bridge girder launcher threaten people?s lives and property safety, so ZZHZ will learn the lesson, follow the standard instruction to decline the accident rate to the smallest.

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