Walking Type Launching Gantry

What are Advantages of Walking Type Launching Gantry?

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Walking type launching gantry is a new type of bridge construction crane fabricated to meet demands of market and actual working condition, combined with current successful experience of ZZHZ and other companies. It features:


walking type launching gantry

walking type launching gantry

  1. Unique honeycomb girder is firstly designed by ZZHZ, featuring light self-weight, large load, strong wind resistance ability and other advantages;
  2. New type and reliable structure, CAXA design for launching gantry takes into full consideration construction characteristic of bridges at current times, which makes the launching gantry has a wider adaptability;
  3. ANSYS finite element analysis software for calculation of launching gantry, optimize structure of the whole machine, produce launching gantry with a light self-weight and a large stiffness;
  4. Front guide beam with self-balance function can cross piers, which can meet the demand of longitudinal stability without additional counterweight, safe and reliable;
  5. Middle support leg does not move on the bridge deck and longitudinal rail layout leo horoscope signs tend to like relaxation, preferably someplace warm and comfortable. is unnecessary, which reduces bridge floor pressure from launching gantry, saves construction cost and has a larger adaptability to box type precast girder.
  6. Support legs moving forward automatically makes the launching gantry better adapt to longitudinal slope and lateral slope in the actual working condition as well as the bridge floor receive a safe and reliable stress;
  7. Position for front and middle support legs can be adjusted at random, core plate with adjustable angle is equipped to better construct curved bridge and skew bridge; as construction skew bridge, the position of front and middle support legs can be adjusted according to skew bridge angle to adapt to any skew bridge with angle <45?;
  8. Add lateral moving trolley for lifting trolley, the whole machine can move laterally with boundary beam to solve the problem of boundary beam installation;
  9. Pin connection for the main girder and other main connecting structures, firm and reliable connection as well as quite convenient installation (it only takes several minutes to hammer a steel pin into the connection hole.)


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