The Test Run Steps of the Bridge Erecting Crane

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The Test Run Steps of the Bridge Erecting Crane

Check whether each connecting part is firmly connected.
Check whether the electric connection is correct.
Check each part of the hydraulic system for leak.
Check whether there are card lag phenomenon in each mechanical and structural part.
Check the lubrication conditions of each rotating part.
Check the oil level in the tank meets the requirements and put the hydraulic system into a test run.

Through the oil inlet, No.32 hydraulic oil(the old No.20) are poured into the tank.
The hydraulic oil of different brands and types should not be mixed up to use and online casino should be filtered once each year.
The overflow valve should be fully loosed, the power switched on and the oil pump opened to work without load for 5 to 10 minutes to check whether the running direction of the oil pump is correct and whether there are noises during its running process.

Rotate (or push-pull) the manual reversing valve, and tighten the overflow valve appropriately to make the jack began to start, and then under the condition of full stroke, reciprocate and flex for 4 to 5 times to rule out the air from the system as much as possible.

When the manual reversing valve is working for changing the direction, the move should not be too fast and fierce. When it turns from the forward direction to the back direction, there should be a stop for one moment to avoid the hydraulic shock, which should be went on if there are load.

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