The Routine Maintenance of Bridge Girder Launcher

FAQ 九 16, 2012 The Routine Maintenance of Bridge Girder Launcher已关闭评论

1. Regularly check whether the bridge girder launcher travel switch and hammer switch are safe and reliable, whether limit stop block can be in reliable collision.

2. Mechanical shock exists in mobile equipment, please regularly check whether connection point in the control cabinet is tight, especially screw terminals

3. Regularly check whether cable is broken 4. Regularly start the machine and check whether all mechanical parts, hydraulic parts work well or not
Attention: 1. It is strictly forbidden to remove electrical limit switches
2. It is strictly forbidden to change frequency converter parameters
3. Check and maintenance of frequency converter should be done 15 minutes later after cutting off the power supply, or electric shock will pose a danger Besides routine starting check for the electrical system, please regularly check whether all electrical connection points are tight, regularly clean the outdoor parts

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