The protective measures for the electrical system of the MSS

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The movable support system (MSS) is a large-scale construction equipment. The necessary protective measures for the electrical system not only improve the construction safety, but also guarantee the personnel security.

1, If any abnormal phenomenon occurs in the operating process, stop the machine immediately, find the causes and eliminate timely. Prohibit strictly the machine operating with the troubles.
2, If the electrical system fails to work and needs to be repaired. Shut off the power supply and ensure that there is no operation with the electricity.
3, A variety of electrical system faults must be examined and checked by the professional electricians and service personnel. The other staff is strictly prohibited to do the maintenances.
4, The operator should be strictly comply with the operating procedures and regulations. To guarantee the machine working normally and on-site personnel safety, any unauthorized breach, omission and change of the procedures is forbidden.
5, The operator must obey the unified signals of the on-site construction command personnel. No judgment with their own imagination or blind operation.
6, Prohibit the unauthorized operation or push the control button for the non-operators.
7, Before the operation starts, the command personnel must ring the bell firstly to warn the on-site staff ready to enter the working condition.
8, Avoid operating the machine under the lighting storm weather. Once encountering the bad weather, turn off the power supply firstly and park the equipment in the place with the ground line. Connect the machine directly in the piles with the prepared ground line and ensure that no one stays on the machine.
9, Before the machine starts, all the electrical components must be checked carefully to ensure that the emergency stop button is back to the zero position and every operating switch is in the zero status.
10, As a last resort, try to avoid using the emergency stop button.
11, Forbid operating the machine in the bad weather which has exceeded the allowed wind force.

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