The Overview of Segmental Assembling Launching Gantry

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According to field working condition in Singapore, combined with ZZHZ successful design experience of bridge girder launcher, HZQ59/80 segmental assembly bridge girder launcher is designed as honeycomb type double girder machine, which features as below:

1. Unique honeycomb girder, features light self-weight, large load, strong wind resistance ability and others
2. new form and reasonable structure, the bridge girder launcher takes modern bridge construction features and similar bridge working condition demands into consideration, so it has wider adaptability.
3. use ANSYS finite element software to analyze and calculate the machine, optimize the structure of the complete machine to control weight, stiffness and safety stability;
4. With roller system at top of the middle support leg, crossing piers step by step, thus reduce the pressure of the bridge deck and save construction cost, and has a better adaptability to the box girder
5. support leg moves forward automatically, so the bridge girder launcher can better adapt to longitudinal slope and cross slope in the actual working condition, at the same time the bridge deck bears more reasonable and safer force.
6. the front, middle and rear support leg can be adjusted at random and is equipped with angle-adjustable core plate to better adapt to construct curved bridge and skewed bridge
7. lifting trolley sling moves transversely which has rotation, longitudinal, lateral angle adjustment functions and can accurately put the girder in place, safe, reliable, simple and fast
8. main girder and connection parts use mature pin connection, firm and reliable, meet the technical demand of assembly, disassembly and convenient transition construction.

Bridge Girder Launcher

Segment Assemble Launcher

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