The Most Exotic Jobs in The World

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Now I would like to share with you the most boring and exotic work in the world. For example, the helper of panda, caretaker of island and hotel critics, that is to say, people living in hotels and then commenting the service, environment, price, hygiene and catering etc of hotels. With time going by, there are some exotic jobs appearing in our life. Those jobs seems relaxing, interesting and high paid, winning other people’s admiration, envy as well as hate.
图片1Also, according to one report of July 11 on the website odditycentral of America, observing the drying process of paint, which seams the most boring job in the world. However, there indeed exist some people who are interested in it. For 4 months,the 34-year-old Doctor Thomas Curwen spends a few hours observing the paint drying and the color changing. He said this job is meaningful. What’s your opinion?
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