The Maintenance and Protection of Bridge Building Crane

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The Maintenance and Protection of Bridge Building Crane


1.The brake of the lifting mechanism should be checked every day and the brake of the operating mechanism every 2 or 3 days. When they are being checked, whether the movements of each brake system is flexible should be paid attention to.The segments should be fit on the brake wheel without physical damage. The brake of the lifting mechanism must ensure 1.25 times of the rated capacity and the damaged sunny canopy should be replaced timely.
The bearing for drive of the traveling box of the crane and the trolley should be pointed into albany grease every 2 years.

2.The maintenance of the electrical equipment
To ensure the safe operation of the crane, the reasons and solutions of various accidents of the bridge erecting machine should be familiar with.
The electrical equipment including the resistor, control panel and contactor etc., should be kept clear, and the dust as well as the dirt outside or inside the electrical equipment should be cleared away to prevent current leakage, breakdown, short circuit and so on.
Whether the motor rotor slip line and brush contact is in good order should be checked frequently.
Whether the sound produced by the motor, electromagnet, electromagnetic relay and switch is normal.
Whether the cam controller and contactor appear the sign of burning, if any, they should be replaced or reused after they are being polished with emery cloth.
When the outside conditions are bad, the motor, electric wire as well as the insulation resistance should be checked regularly.
The rust and dirt on the slide rail must be cleared away timely.
The inspection whether the installation of each electrical equipment is fixed and the movable parts move flexible should be made frequently to exclude the abnormal factors.




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