The Features of Bridge Girder Launcher

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ZZHZ( has very rich experience of producing?bridge girder launcher?; therefore, it can give us some advice to use it:

1?Application range and use
The bridge girder launcher is designed for highway and railway. According to the situation of present? railway with less sub grade, more bridges and tunnels which connetced too closely, our company design and manufacture the new box-girder bridge girder launcher with double girder. It is mainly used for hoisting? of concrete girder in bridge construction of general railway and highway.

2?Main features and advantages:
a.?Low height, narrow width, light weight and compact structure.? The whole set can pass through the tunnel; what?s more, it can feed girder and erect girder? in tunnel.
b.?The length of the maximal part is no more than 10m which can meet the vehicle transportation rules.

c.?It equipped with auxiliary trolley and special gantry? which has complete function , it not only can erect girder bidirectionally, but also can pave rails. It can erect? the girders of highway after it refittd partly and replaced part components.
d.?It can move a long distance on the rail with self- power
Its assembly ,disassembly and maintenance are very convenient. It only needs to disassemble partially when transfer site by train, the special? gantry can fold and pack by itself without a hoisting machine.

Launching Gantry

Bridge Construction Crane

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