The Common Asks and Answers

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1.How to pay.
Foreign customers: 50% of the total price shall be paid via DLC or TT after the contract is signed and the rest 50% via the sight credit.
Domestic customers: 30% of the total price shall be paid after the contract is signed; 60% shall be paid before delivering products, 5% paid after the assembly and test and the remaining 5% shall serve as the guarantee money.
2.How to arrange the schedule.
Take the bridge erecting crane as an example. It shall be transported from Zhengzhou to Shanghai.
1)After the contract is singed, we will start to manufacture products with the usual producing period of about 45 days.
2)Then we will arrange vehicles to transport the machine.
3)The period of assemblys test: around 30 days.
Note: The whole period takes about 3 months and please make preparations in advance to meet the time requirements of the project.
3.Quality assurance
1) We guarantee that the products provided by us are entirely new and comply with all the technical index specified in the data. And we will guarantee the quality of the products.
2)We are responsible for the safe performance of our products. Additionally, we shall undertake all the responsibilities of any problems about product safety caused by our design or manufacture.
4. Service commitment.
The quality policy of our company is “high quality, customer first and sustainable development”. For this, we have made the following promise:
1)The equipment provided by us will be guided by us to assemble and test the machine.
2)If any faults of the products manufactured by us occur, we promise to reach the site within 24 hours in province and 48 hours outside the province.
3)The guarantee period shall be one year and the whole life service of maintenance shall be offered by us.

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