The Checking Methods of Bridge Girder Launcher

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ZZHZ has very rich experience of producing bridge girder launcher, so it can give some advice to us:
We should check geometry size, verticality, horizontality and deflection etc. after the structures are installed completely:

1? Checking connecting parts connect firmly or not.
2? Checking the electric connection is correct and limit switch is reliable or not.
3?Checking parts of hydraulic system leak oil or not and the lifting is good or not.
4? checking mechanism and structure parts run successfully or not. 7.5?checking lubricating condition of rotating parts.

6? checking the oil level meet the requirements or not ,and then making a trial run .
7? After all of above checking and adjustments are finished, and making sure every part goes well, and then doing the trial run.

Launching  Gantry

Bridge Girder Launcher

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