The Characteristics of HZQ550t Launching Gantry

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In accordance with the various shapes of girder, heavy lifting capacity and high precision of erection of the passenger dedicated railway, the HZQ550t launching gantry designed by our company can be applied to the double parallel lines, single line, changing spans and curved erection. It enjoys the following characteristics.
Firstly,good stability of hoisting of the girder:two trolleys cooperate with each other in three-dimensional motion with the girder, meeting the requirements of the girder erection.The hoisting beam body adopts the method of lifting in four points of the object with three points in balance, the beam body bearing stress in good state.
Secondly,Low height of the whole crane: the hoist withdraws and then keeps away from the trolley,efficiently reducing the height of the crane;
Thirdly, high efficiency of operation:the processes of beam supporting and transporting are separated to increase the efficiency of operation;
Fourthly, simple leg: the flexible front leg and the rigid back O leg support the main girder, making the stress bearing more clear;
Fifthly, convenience of span adjusting: the subsidiary leg and the front leg help each other to meet the needs of the span adjusting of the launching gantry;
Sixth, easy operation: the exclusive driver’s cab and operating devices of wireless remote control are set up, especially the remote control supervising the field with a good view, easy operation, safety and reliability.
Seventh, horizontal trimming function of the girder: the error of the counterpoint is not more than 2mm.
Eighth, stability and reliability: the hoisting device is equipped with video and monitoring alarms,emergency brake, lower and upper limit’ switch,overload protection device,the double braking of hoist and wind measurement device of working environment,etc.

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