Safety Measure of Bridge Girder Launcher

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ZZHZ has very rich experience of producing , therefore, it can give ussome advice about the safety guarantee measures:
1. Organization measure
Set up safety leading group headed by general manager. Group leader and group members
2. Safety training measure to install the boundary beam
A. in accordance with related rule, formulate safe operation implementing regulations. Have a safety technology disclosure to construction personnel and carry out safety education
B. organize constructor to have a safety technology training and assessment before installing girders. Therein, for special type of constructor, they must be employed with the certificate, for all who participate in installing the boundary beam and access to the worksite, it is needed to wear safety protective equipment.

3. Safety measures for lifting girder, dropping girder and transversely moving girder. Frequently maintain circuits and tamp, frequently check whether rail surface elevation meets the demand to keep it in good condition. It is required to consolidate rail with rock ballast. It is forbidden for people to stand on girders when lifting girder, dropping girder and transversely moving girder casino online so that the accidents such as broken steel wire to hit people and other safety accidents will be avoided. During the process of lifting girder, dropping girder and transversely moving girder, 4 sleeper inclined strut should be arranged on both sides of each girder to protect the girder from overturning, immediately connect diaphragm plate and middle diaphragm plate. Before transversely moving the girder, it is required to thoroughly check rail, launching gantry and overhead traveling crane.

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