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Newly developed wet type concrete spraying system by ZZHZ

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Wet type concrete spraying system is newly developed tunnel equipment these two years. They have been totally put in market after two years’ testing and modification.


The wet type concrete spraying system is widely used in the underground projects, geotechnical engineering projects and municipal engineering projects. With the concrete pump and free mechanical arm as the main parts of the machine, it can spray the concrete to from the supporting layer in the tunnel by compressing the air.

Below are its technical parameters

Item Parameters Data
1 Concrete pump capacity (m3/h) 4-30
2 Setting accelerator delivery capacity (L/h) 30-700
3 Setting accelerator tank (v) 1×1000
4 Air compressor (Mpa) 0.4/1
5 Max. wind flow (m3/min) 9-13
6 Transmission Hydraulic drive
7 Traveling speed (km/h) 23.28
8 Power 3x380v/50Hz
9 Power cable length (m) 50
10 Electric current (A) 4×300
11 Cleaning machine pressure (Mpa) 20
12 Working arm control mode Wireless remote control
13 Outside dimension (L.W.H) 76280x2400x3300
14 Total weight (t) 18.5-19
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