MGx-box Girder Gantry Crane

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MGx-box girder gantry crane is the patented product designed for bridge construction. Its structure is the first one worldwide. In accordance with the bridge construction featuring small batches, heavy weight of single object, power supply tension and frequent site moving, Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd strives to attach the following targets,namely simple structure,easy accessibility and operation as well as energy saving.
The design of MGx-box girder gantry crane gives top priority to the safety, catering to large-tonnage hoisting and frequent operation.Its features are as follows:
First, adopting the box girder as the main structure intensities the crane’s strength.
Second, the operating scope is enlarged with the two ends owning cantilevers.
Third, high working level, high operating speed and high efficiency.

3.Main Technical Parameters
The cranes produced by our company are designed according to the customer’s requirements.The example of specific type is as follows:
项目Item/数据Data/型号Type MGx20 MGx35 MGx120
Lifting capacity(t) 20 35 120
Net height(m) 8 10 20
Span(m) 26 36 28
悬臂长度 (m)
Cantilever length (m) 3 4 0
大车移动速度 (m/min)
Crane traveling speed(m/min) 20 20 0-15
小车移动速度 (m/min)
Trolley traveling speed(m/min) 0-8 0-15 0-8MGx系列箱型梁龙门吊实验报告 MGx系列箱型梁龙门吊

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