Main features of honeycomb girder launching gantry

Main features of honeycomb girder launching gantry

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Honeycomb girder launching gantry made by ZZHZ is widely used for highway bridge construction at home and broad.

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Main features:

1. Unique honeycomb girder is firstly developed by ZZHZ, featuring low self-weight, large load and high wind-resistance capability;

2. The launching gantry is designed with CAXA software, and considering convenient construction of modern bridges, has a new form and reliable structure;

3. ANSYS finite element analysis software is used to calculate and optimize the complete structure, ensuring loads bearing of all parts;

4. The support legs can move forward by themselves so that the launching gantry can better suit the cross fall and longitudinal slope and the loads bearing for bridge deck is safer and more reasonable;

5. The middle support leg does not move on the bridge deck, so it is unnecessary to layout longitudinal sliding rail, thus save cost;

6. Positions for front support leg and rear support leg can be adjusted with angle adjustable core plate to better suit the construction of curved bridge and skew bridge; the launching gantry can construct the skew bridge with angle < 45°;

7. Mature steel pins connection for main girder sections and main connection structures, firm and reliable, quite convenient for assembly (It only takes several minutes to install a pin);

8. Add one lateral sliding trolley so that the complete machine can move laterally with boundary beam, thus settle the issue to install boundary beam.

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