Inspect the Movable Support System before It Starts to Work

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Along with the need of the construction of railway passenger special line, the movable support system, a kind of mature construction tech and equipment, is widely used on the construction field of railway and bridge. MZ900S is one of the representative products of Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

MZ900S movable support system is specially used in the construction of railway passenger special line of 32m. The quality protective measures and safe work in the air of the movable support system attain the purpose of safe production, improved construction quality, fast processing speed and low cost.

In the constructing process of the movable support system, the incomplete inspection of one step may influence the whole schedule, even may cause the accidents of overturn of the support system or people injuries. In the following are several tips regarding the inspection of the movable support system.

The personnel should comply with the law and rules. All the construction machinery should be tested before they are being put into operation. Also, all the staff should get some certificates before being enrolled. The walking rails and the working site should be even and smooth. In addition, the lifting speed should be slow and the operators are not allowed to conduct two operation in the same time.

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