HZQY launching gantry for carrying and erecting girders

HZQY launching gantry for carrying and erecting girders

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HZQY launching gantry for carrying and erecting girders made by ZZHZ was transferred to another worksite.

HZQY launching gantry for carrying and erecting pre-cast girders made by ZZHZ had transferred to another worksite smoothly a few days ago after distinguishing itself in Yungui Railway.


In the pre-cast box girder erection project for high speed railway, the common way is combined working by girder carrier and launching gantry. While HZQY launching gantry developed by ZZHZ is ‘Jack of all trades’ which can carry pre-cast girders as well as erect girders. With a self weight about 700t, the launching gantry can erect pre-cast girders with weight <=900t. the equipment has received too much favor since it is put in the market. With successful working to passing the tunnel for carrying and erecting girders, HZQY launching gantry will be one example for future similar projects.

Its main features:

1. Multi-purpose launching gantry for carrying girders and erecting girders

HZQY900 launching gantry could finish jobs such as lifting girders in the pre-cast yard, carrying girders to the worksite and erecting girders in the bridge deck. It has a distinct difference with other common launching gantries on aspects of structure and operational mechanism, has a smaller height and width. Comparing with previous combined construction for girder carrier and launching gantry, it greatly saves procurement cost.

2. Well-adapted ability and higher flexibility

With max weight 900t, moving by tires and breaking away from the constraint that the previous railway bridge equipment can just moving on the rail, HZQY900 launching gantry could move by itself on the pre-cast yard, roadbed and bridge deck without ballast, construction road, tunnel even on highway road, thus improves the flexibility of construction and quickens the construction progress.

3. Lower construction cost and higher efficiency

HZQY launching gantry can walk through the tunnel with a fast speed and realize erection of the first and last spans pre-cast girders at tunnel portal, thus shorten the construction period and reduce disassembly and re-assembly cost. If an accidental block occurs at front part, the launching gantry can move to the reverse direction to install girders, thus reduce the equipment lay-up period.


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