HZQ40/180 overhead launching gantry

HZQ40/180 overhead launching gantry main technical parameters

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HZQ40/180 overhead launching gantry is used in highway bridge project, the bridge range it can construct:

  1. span ≤ 40m
  2. pre-cast girder weight ≤ 180t


Its technical parameters are as follows:

Item Main technical parameters
Main span (m) 40
Rated lifting capacity (t) 180
Self weight of launching gantry (t) About 185
Out dimension (m) 85 x 9.5 x 9.3
Min curve radius for girder installation (m) ≥400
Max allowable slope (%) Longitudinal slope≤±5%,               cross slope≤±4%
Main girder centre distance (m) 7.5
Lifting speed (m/min) 0.5
Launching gantry longitudinal moving speed (m/min) 4.6
Launching gantry transverse moving speed (m/min) 3.31
Trolley longitudinal moving speed (m/min) 4.6
Trolley transverse moving speed (m/min) 1.4
Rated power (kw) About 85
Production period 60 days before delivery
Quality warranty period 1 year
Manufacturer ZZHZ in China
Packing Nude packing with corrosion resistant coating
Quotation USD 330,000 per set FOB Shanghai
Payment L/C or T/T (NEGOTIABLE)
After sales service ZZHZ will send 2 technicians to help installation and commissioning of launching gantry 1 month for free, the user shall be responsible for their round-way tickets, food and accommodation, and most important safety.



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