HZP Series Segment Assembled Bridge Girder Launcher

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HZP Series Segment Assembled Bridge Girder Launcher


1.The components of the HZP series segment assembled bridge girder launcher
The bridge building crane is made of the main beam, nose beam, the front trigger, the rear trigger, the auxiliary front trigger and rear trigger, hoisting crane, 10t bridge crane, the traverse luffing mechanism and other parts.

2.The advantages of the HZP seizes segment assembled bridge girder launcher

1)The bridge building crane is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2)The main beam of the bridge building crane employs the structure of superimposed box girder, featuring high strength and low deflection.
3)The design is reasonable and the key structure makes use of the principle of symmetric design.
4)The bridge girder launcher can conduct the construction bidirectionally, which can feed the girder under bridge and at the rear part of the bridge.
5)The structure of the bridge girder launcher is simple and convenient to use.

The launching gantry produced by our company is developed based on the customer’s requirement. An example of specific model is as follows:

Main Technical Parameters:
Span 50m、51m
Lifting height of the trolley 56m
Rated lifting capacity 140t
Max hanging weight 1600t
Max working slope 20‰
Max working transverse slope 20‰
Min curved radius 5500m
Traveling speed 0—1m/min
Speed of erection of girder 10(day/span)
Total power 180KW



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