wind the steel wire rope corectly

How to wind the steel wire rope corectly?

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Here is an example showing how important it is to wind the steel wire rope correctly:

Launching girder

Launching girder

A crane will lift concrete member in a construction site, while methods for steel wire rope winding on the pulley are wrong, and the lifting worker is unwilling to re-wind the steel wire rope, he thought it will be ok because before he lifted even heavier objects perfectly, he commands to lift objects, but steel wire rope at one side breaks to cause one worker injury as the concrete member is not lifted completely. So it is very important to wind the steel wire rope correctly.

1. As winding the steel wire rope, twisting, forced bending, squashing, burr and others are not allowed. A roll of steel wire rope shall be stretched out by rolling or rotating by lifting to wind on the pulley.
2. Steel wire rope head must be fixed firmly; all fixed connecting bolts shall add locking devices and report to technical inspection department for re-check.
3. As cutting the steel wire rope, tie up iron wire at both sides of cutting position to prevent loosing, length for banding shall be not less than 5 times of steel wire rope diameter.
4. Connection and winding method for steel wire rope, pulley, drum, main and auxiliary hook shall be in accordance with drawing.

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