Use and Maintenance of the Bridge Construction Crane

How to use and maintain the bridge construction crane in run-in period?

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bridge construction crane

bridge construction crane

when the? crane leaves factory, usually it has a run-in period of 60 days which is regulated by manufacturers according to technical features of crane in early use time. Run-in period ensures the crane to operate normally and decrease failure rate, thus prolong its service life. At present, some users neglect the special technical demand of new machine in run-in period because of lacking of crane use common sense or tight time limit or hoping benefit as soon as possible. Some users think manufacturers are responsible for maintaining the machine in warranty period, using the machine with overload for a long time will be ok, which leads to frequent initial failure, influences the normal use of crane, shortens its service life and delays the progress of projects. So, we should pay more attention to use and maintenance of crane in run-in period.

(1) main features in run-in period:
1. fast wear rate. spear parts of new machine have a coarse friction surface and smaller surface contact area and uneven surface pressure situation, beacuase of the influence from processing, assembling and adjusting. in the running process, uneven parts of spear parts conflict with each other, which speeden wear of the spear parts. So it is easy to wear the spear parts(especially the surface) in the run-in speed, overload work will lead to damage the spear parts and causes an early trouble
2. bad lubrication. because of smaller fit clearance for new assembly parts and inproper assembly, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the fit clearance so that the grease will form even oil film on the collision surface to prevent wearing. bad lubricating reduces lubricating effectiveness and causes abnormal wear in early time. To make matters worse, it will scratch or scuff surface of spear parts, thus cause an? accident
3. easy to loose.? new spear parts are easy to become flexible because of deviation on shape and fit dimension, alternating load such as shock and vibrating, influcence from heating and deformation and fast wearing.
4. leakage phenomenon. Because mechanical parts are influenced by loosen parts, vibrating and heated machine, the leakage phenomenon will happen at the machine seal surface and pipe coupling; parts of blemishes such as casting and processing that could not be found in the assembly and commissioning process will be disclosed after suffering from vibrating and shocking, the performance is oil (water) leakage.
5. more operating error. Because of lacking knowledge of machine structure and performance (especially new operators), it is likely to lead to failure due to operating error, even mechanical accidents.

(2). crane use and maintenance in run-in period
1. because the crane is of special vehicles, operators with certain operating and maintenance experience can operate the machine after receiving trainning, guide from manufacturers.? product use and maintenance instruction is necessary materials for operators, related operating and maintenance should be in accordance with instruction
2. operating load in run-in period should be not more than 80% of rated load, arrange proper working load, avoid overheating in long time continuous work.
3. often observe instructions from instrument, if it is abnormal, stop the crane to clear the trouble immediately, before confirming the reason and clearing the trouble, stop working.
4. often check oil (water) level and quality of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquid, braking fluid and fuel oil and check the tightness of the machine. If the oil/water is short or too much, analyse the reason, meanwhile strengthen lubricating? on each lubricating point, it is suggested to add lubricating grease on lubricating point per shift.
5. keep machine clean, adjust and tighten loosen spear parts in time, so that wearing parts seriously or loss of spear parts caused by loosen parts will not happen.
6. after the run-in period, make a mandatory service on the machine, pay more attention to check and adjustment, change oil or liquid.

To sum up, the demand on crane use and maintenance in run-in period should be: enhancing trainning, lightening load, paying attention to check and strengthening lubricating. Only we attach more importance to crane use and maintenance in run-in period and put it into practice, the failure rate in early time will be decreased, the crane will have a long service life, improve working efficiency , thus benefit users more.

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