test steel plates for launching gantry

How to test steel plates for launching gantry?

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Launching gantry main girders usually use Q235 and Q345 steel plates, which bear main loads. So it is vital to purchase high quality steel plates.



After purchased steel plates are delivered to the factory, a test must be done by quality inspection department, manufacturing department and warehouse at the same time. Usually a test on steel plates includes physical test and chemical test.

A physical test mainly refers to thickness, length, width and hardness. We use vernier caliper to measure the dimension of steel plate, and a Leeb hardness tester for hardness;

A chemical test mainly refers to test on chemical compositions of steel plates such as Fe, C, S, Si, Mn and P, below are main steps: take a small piece of steel plate as sample and get scrap iron, measure a certain amount on the balance, then put the scrap iron into beaker and add certain chemical reagent, watch reaction of solution in the beaker, then use:

a. oxidation-reduction titration to determine the composition Fe

b. visible spectrophotometer to measure the data of Mn, Si, P

c. carbon and sulfur analyzer to measure the composition of C, S.

An acceptance list is given for warehousing after a qualified test on steel plate

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