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How to operate electro-mechanical-hydraulic system safely of launching girder?

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With rapid development of China infrastructure, more and more construction machinery is demanded, and thus there is higher and higher technical requirements about construction machinery. Safe operations for electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration system from ZZHZ are as the following:

HZQ32-165t  Launching girder

HZQ32-165t Launching girder

  1. Before starting the launching girder, fastening and lubricating parts must be checked carefully and confirmed working well, and make a good preparation, and then the machine can be started.
  2. During the operation process, monitor the running condition of mechanical parts and the state of instrument indicator signal, if it is abnormal (such as violent vibration, abnormal sound, abnormal smell, leakage, temperature, pressure and other sudden change), immediately stop to check the machinery.
  3. When the machine does not stop, turning parts should not be touched and maintenance should not be done. As installing steel structure in maintenance and rivet welding work, it must be descended to the extreme lower position, using organism as ground wire is forbidden in the welding. And set up necessary safe protection, workers should wear safety helmet, set up work platform as working high above the ground and fasten the safety belt.
  4. Electrical equipment must be maintained by professional electricians; power supply must be cut off before maintenance and attach a brand ?No switching on? or send somebody to monitor the switch to prevent a wrong power transmission.
  5. Power supply voltage must be same with that of electrical equipment. Install qualified earth leakage protector on the wires of all electric equipment, steel structure should be equipped with protective connecting neutral and thunder anti-induction device.
  6. Available oil for hydraulic system should be in accordance with hydraulic oil type and mark stipulated in the specification, keep hydraulic oil clean. Temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept 30-80 degree and be controlled in the operation to not more than permissible upper limit value.
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