How to Make the Trial run of Bridge Girder Launcher?

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Bridge Girder Launcher

Launching Gantry

Checking the connection parts is firm or not.
Checking the electrical connection is correct or not.
Checking the hydraulic system
Checking mechanisms and parts
Checking the lubrication of rotating parts
Checking the fuel level and try to run the hydraulic system
pour the # 32 hydraulic oil into the fuel tank from oil filling port( old #20)

Different brand and different kind‘s hydraulic oil don’t mix together, and filtered every year.
Opening the relief valve completely, turning on the power, and starting the oil pump, running 5-10 minutes without load to observe the direction of turning and monitor the sound of the oil pump.
Rotating (push-pull)hand-directional valve and wrenching the relief valve. Started by wheeljack., companding 4-5 times in the whole trip in order to drive out the air possibly.
When hand-directional valve changes the direction, the action shouldn’t be too fast and too strong. when the positive direction turn to the reverse direction, it should stay in the middle position for a moment in order to avoid the hydraulic shock.(especially with load)
Trial running of bridge girder launcher after inspection and adjustment are finished according above mention
Two trolleys go back to rear legs, putting the front legs away to measure the deflection of cantilever of main girder
If A can meet the requirement, dropping down the front legs, and adjusting mechanism to normal situation in order to do the lifting test. The lifting weight must meet the requirement. A precast girder can also be the lifting weight. The trolley can run 2-3 times repeatedly. The method is lifting the goods –stop – drop-stop, then repeatedly many times. Lifting the girder longitudinal traveling –stop-back-stop, and then repeatedly many times. It can be used regularly after the braking is safe and reliable. Checking mechanisms, structure, hydraulic and electrical parts is normal or not when the tests of load and unload are finished, if they are normal, it can be used regularly.

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