Steel structure maintenance of launching gantry

How to maintain the steel structure of launching gantry?

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Launching gantry is mainly made up of steels, so maintenance of steel structures plays a crucial part. Below tips from ZZHZ teach you how to maintain steel structure of launching gantry:

launching gantry

launching gantry

Make a careful check before using main girder, guide beam, support legs, platform and auxiliary steel parts, if there finds weld joints, flaws on materials and deformation, find the reason and contact with manufacturers immediately to repair them. For repair welding on special material construction member and main poles, welding process instruction manual shall be made and weld by qualified welder.

After all metal structures are installed and dismantled, local exposion of base material can be caused by colliding for transportation and lifting, paint coating shall be done after local rust removal according to demands on equipment coating technology. Paint finish coat twice every 5 years, remove surface oil contamination, moisture, floating dust, local rust stain and other attchments before painting finish coat.

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