maintenance skills of electric winch

How to maintain the electric winch?

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Electric winch is made up of motor, coupling, brake, gearbox and winding drum, which are installed in the winch frame. Under a condition with high lifting height, large lifting loads and frequent working steps, the electric winch has a good speed control performance which realizes fast lowering of empty hook. For assembly or other sensitive operation, a lower speed can be realized.



Below are some maintenance skills:

Workers shall watch oil window of reduction gearbox frequently and check whether lubricating oil level is within limits, supplement shall be done as it is lower than the specified oil level;

Under the condition that the crane does not use frequently and has a good sealed condition and a proper service environment, lubricating oil in the reduction gearbox shall be changed once every half a year, with a bad service environment, it needs to be replaced every one quarter. As it is found that water is in the gearbox or foams always floats on the oil level and metamorphic oil is confirmed, the lubricating oil shall be immediately replaced in strict accordance with stated model in the instruction manual.

Fill lubricating grease once into bearing blocks at two ends of winding drum every two days, coat grease on the surface of winding drum and steel wire rope. Supplement grease once in the antifriction bearings of fixed and movable pulley blocks every month.

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