How to Maintain the Bridge Building Machine

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How to Maintain the Bridge Building Machine


1.The maintenance of the main components

(1) The open and closed gear painted monthly using a lubricating grease.

(2) The wire rope should be lubricated periodically and before that the pollutants should be cleared away.Whenever over 6 ropes are broken in the joints, they should be replaced instantly.

(3) The bearings must keep lubricative and be lubricated regularly. If the temperature is too high and noise too big, they should be checked carefully and if there are any damage of them, they should be replaced timely.

(4) When the thickness of wheel wear is over 15% of the original wheel, the wheels should be replaced.

2.The maintenance of the metal structure

The main girder is the main stress-bearing components. The performance,safety and the service life depend on whether the machine is well maintained.
(1) The sharp start and brake must be avoided.

(2) The welding seams among the girders should be checked, and if any one of them is found, the machine should be stopped to be welded again.

(3) If the main girder is founded to be deformed and not stable, it should be stopped and handled properly.

(4) All the metal structures should be painted twice every year. The oil stain, water and other things on the surface of the metal structure should be cleared away before the metal structure is being painted.





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