How to lift and lower the precast girders for launching gantry?

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Below steps will teach you lifting and lowering the precast girders :


a. Try lifting before lifting girders any time. After bundling the girder, make winch brake test 2-3 times, then lift the girder a little, check whether steel wire rope is in order, iron tiles to protect the girder fall off or move, start formal operation after confirmation

b. Lifting winches should act uniformly with an even force. It should be prevented strictly to have a large partial load or violent swing of girder body;

c. Keep the girder in a level in the process of lifting, moving and falling down. If found the girder is inclined with naked eyes, adjust it immediately. In order to drop girder conveniently, a little but not serious tilt is allowed

d. Prevent steel wire rope being disordered or falling off. Various obstacles influencing moving girders must be cleaned

e. Arrange specialist to monitor the girder running condition on abutment as moving girders. Especially when the girder is near to be in position, watcher, commander and operating driver on abutment should be cautious and cooperate closely, avoid the girder to collide with front support leg. If necessary, abutment watcher can pull the limit switch for safety;

f. The girder is suitable to move at a higher position, moving at lower position is likely to cause crash due to violent swing;

g. The launching gantry is prohibited to lift girders with over-load

h. It is strictly prohibited to push, pull laterally the girder without relative measures as dropping the girder, avoid accidents

i. As dropping girders, must take protection measures with chain block hanged in the firm place;

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