ZZHZ launching girder

How to install rails of launching girder?

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Launching girder can move longitudinally and laterally on the rail. Whether the launching girder works well to a large extent depends on quality of rail installation. If the installation is unqualified, chewing rails and collapsing is likely to occur in the moving process, which has a great effect on normal operation of launching girder.

ZZHZ launching girder

ZZHZ launching girder

Generally speaking, there are two ways to install runway track of rails: one is concrete precast girder, the other is steel girder. Built-in holes are a must for bolts connection in concrete precast girder, or embedded bolts in girder.

Ways to install rails of launching girder include pressing plate fixing method, hook-type screw fixing method, welding and bolts fixing method and other methods. For adjustment to the horizontal direction, long holes are usually made in the rail pressing plates; washer adding below the rail is for adjustment to vertical direction.  Rail pressing plate must have enough stiffness as designing it, every pressing plate can be made with single or double holes according to load-bearing condition. The bumping block can be welded on the rail unless welding method is used for rail and runway track or fixed base steel plate on the runway track.

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2 Responses to “How to install rails of launching girder?”

  1. sandeep says:

    how we can launch,launching girder,at gradient 3.5% and radius 250m….?

    need your guidance.

    awaits for reply


    • admin says:

      Hi, Sandeep,
      Thanks for your comment.
      About your question, I know the bridge is a curved bridge.
      To construct a curved bridge,you should:
      Adjust the included angle between front support leg and middle support leg according to practical situation of curved radius, and adjust the direction along main girder of front support leg and middle support leg, meet the demand to construct curved bridge.