MSS660 movable scaffolding system

How to Install and Check Structure of MSS660 Movable Scaffolding System?

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Installation steps:

1. Install support frame, main girder, guide beam

MSS660 movable scaffolding system

MSS660 movable scaffolding system

1.1 Set up installation support. Level field between 14# abutment and J1 pier according to Installation Steps Drawing, and set up installation support and temporary pier for steel box girders and guide beam connection parts. Support height should meet the demand that steel box girder bottom part should be 5cm higher than support roller top surface. Built by steel pipes in the worksite, the support should meet the needs of bearing capacity in the installation process and ensure enough bearing capacity settling volume ?1cm.

1.2 Install support beam and stay bar between support beams. Support beam at 1# pier is tensioned in accordance with ?support frame construction steps drawing?.

1.3 Put moving gearbox at top of support frame

1.4 Install steel box girder, guide beam, connect steel box girder and cross girder as a whole with splice plate and high tension bolts 8.8 grade, install formwork and stay bar and adjust camber to meet related demands.

1.5 Install hydraulic operation system and electrical system

1.6 Jack steel box girder with support and jacking jack on the moving gearbox at top of support frame, remove temporary support for installation

1.7 Drop support jacks and drop steel box girder on the support roller. Nylon bearing sleeves are set between support rollers and axles, filling with silicone grease with molybdenum disulfide as a lubricant, frequently check to ensure its normal rolling in the use

1.8 Adjust the position of main girder with longitudinal and moving jacks, connect lateral connection beam of steel box girder.

1.9 Install up and down ladder and safe operation platform

1.10 Install front guide beam in the cantilever state


2. Install template and support system

2.1 Install template and jacking jacks and stay bars

2.2 Adjust stay bar to confirm flat position and elevation of template

2.3 After completing structure installation, make a comprehensive quality check, fill in certificate of installation inspection. According to actual condition, the constructor decides whether it is necessary to make pre-stressing and re-check structure elastic deformation or non-elastic deformation condition.

2.4 After the first span girder is installed, cross piers according to crossing piers steps.

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