Quality of hydraulic oil

How to Identify the Quality of Hydraulic Oil?

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The quality of hydraulic oil can be identified from features of anti-oxidation, anti-foaming, abrasion resistance and the smell and color. Good hydraulic oil can extend the span life of launching crane.

Honeycomb girder launching crane

Honeycomb girder launching crane

1. Anti-oxidation. If you have enough time, you can put some sample into a transparent bottle, screwing the bottleneck closely. And then put it in the sun to insolate for some time. If the color becomes very severe, it indicates that the oil has not good function and long service life. You also can heat two different samples to 150℃ and keep two hours. If the aberration becomes very bigger that indicates its quality is bad.
2. Anti-foaming. You can take the same capacity from two different oils to put into two sample bottles and then sealed closely. Then shock severely for a long time, and observe the speed of foam disappear after stopping. The speed of disappearance is quicker and the quality of oil is better.
3. Abrasion resistance. You can use the friction tester. If the sample can burden more weights, the abrasion resistance is better.
4. Smell and color. As usual, the good oil has very high refining base oil, light color and weak smell, the additive is added and the color is also light.

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