anti-corrosion coating of launching gantry

How to do anti-corrosion coating of launching gantry?

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Anti-corrosion coating is quite important for normal operation and good appearance of launching gantry.

Shot blasting should be processed before surface coating of steel structure to reach Sa2.5 grade at surface in GB8923. Paint the steel structure within 2 to 4 hours after finishing shot blasting. With airless spraying technology,the primer painting is epoxy zinc rich primer 2 grade with 30μm thickness for each grade, epoxy micaceous iron primer 1 grade as the middle primer with 40μm thickness for each grade, finishing coat chooses epoxy resin enamel paint 2 grade with thickness 30μm for each grade. Total thickness of paint film is 160μm. Finishing coat features even surface, delicateness, brightness and consistent color, adhesive force complies with primary standard in GB9286.

Finishing coat color, icon and position should meet buyers’ demand. The buyer should inform sellers within 30 days after signing the contract.

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