HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

How to conduct test run of HZQ900T bridge girder launcher?

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1.Test run of hydraulic systems of HZQ900t bridge girder launcher should follow the procedures below:

HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

HZQ900T bridge girder launcher

connect the power supply, start the oil pump, run under the condition without load. Watch whether oil pump turning direction is correct, monitor whether oil pump runs with noise and other bad conditions, test run without load 5-10 minutes; close relief valve, each oil cylinder stretch out and back 4-5 times under the condition of total travel to eliminate air in the system as far as possible; after finishing test with load and test without load above, check whether all mechanical, institution, hydraulic and electrical parts work well, put it into use if it works normally.

2. Test run of motor: after finishing connecting wire of electrical system, firstly confirm whether motor turns correctly, remove linkage connection for multi-machine linkage drive system, then confirm the motor turning direction with inching.

Rear support leg driving, rear support leg hydraulic system goes up to make the driving wheels suspend in the air.

Lifting trolley driving and auxiliary support leg driving, firstly confirm the motor turning direction, then install drive chain

After confirming turning direction of all motors, write down work current of each motor as test run of the machinery (current displayed on the frequency converter or clamp ammeter)

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