Anti-rust for metal structure of launching gantry

How to avoid rust of metal structure of launching gantry?

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Paint coating on the surface of launching gantry is necessary before delivering the machine, but

the painting will fall off after encountering colliding or a long time use. If we do not maintain

steel structure of launching gantry immediately, it will rust, which pose a great danger on

safety of launching gantry. Below tips are anti-rust measures for launching gantry:

launching gantry main girder

launching gantry main girder

1. paint coating maintenance once every year to avoid corrosion of metal structure.
2. make overall maintenance and check before being transferred to another site, it should be done

by company with qualified maintenance certificate and note local technical supervision bureau.
3. it must be avoided for sharp starting, braking and converse operation
4. main girder is most important load bearing metal structure of launching gantry, so pay more

attention to maintain the main girder
5. check atachment weld between main girder and other parts once every week, stop using it after

finding any flaws, it can be used again after qualified reweld by qualified construction company.
6. residual deformation and unstability of main girder or other memebers caused by improper

operation, stop using them and note manufacturers for repair.

Above tips to help avoiding corrosion of metal structure are from ZZHZ, here is a remainder:

correct routine check and maintenance methods can properly lengthen span life of launching gantry and ensure an efficient production under the proper condition.

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