How to avoid beam launcher aacidents?

How to avoid beam launcher aacidents?

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Beam launcher is of large special equipment whose accidents will directly bring life and property loss.

Combing production and construction principle of beam launcher, learning lessons from the previous accidents, below items shall be strictly followed to avoid accidents:


  1. As a large special equipment, the production of beam launcher shall be totally in accordance with related national standards. All raw materials, outsourcing parts must be qualified; the unavoidable error shall be controlled within the minimum scope; stiffness and strength shall be designed to meet the demands of load-bearing, and all welding joints shall be in ultrasonic inspection and flaw detection;
  2. Performance tests for the beam launcher. Only if the no load test and heavy load test are qualified, the beam launcher can be used;
  3. Operators and constructors for the beam launcher must be strictly trained to be familiar with its performance and operation specifications before working, and must strictly follow stipulated safety regulations. Many accidents are caused by misoperation;
  4. Construction site for the beam launcher shall also be in accordance with related requirements, such as pre-cast girders, piers, pier-side brackets and other items. It is never allowed to cut corners.
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