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How many connection methods there are in steel structure?

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Steel structure is the basic frame member like girder, pillar and truss, made by a connection combination of steel plate, profile steel and so on. After being transported to worksite, the steel structure will be installed and connected to be an integral structure like factory and bridge. Connection plays an important role in steel structure and will directly influence its manufacturing and installation, economical indicator and usability.
There are many connection methods for steel structure in ZZHZ, they features safe and reliable design, saving steels, simple structure, convenient fabrication and installation and so on.

Welding, bolting, riveting and pin connection are regarded as common connection methods of steel structure. Bolting is divided into ordinary bolt connection and high-strength bolt connection. About from the beginning of the middle of 18th century, ordinary bolt connection was in earliest use and still be the important way so far. Riveting begins from 1820s. The welding connection appears in 19th century. Since the middle of the 21st century, the high-strength bolt connection has a great development.
(1) Welding
Welding is the most widely used connection way at present
1. Strong adaptability of geometric solid;
2. Save materials without weakening the section;
3. Automated operation, easy manufacturing and processing;
4. Good connection closure and high stiffness
1. High coupling stiffness is inclined to cause residual stress and deformation of the structure
2. Welding joint is easily sensitive to low temperature
(2). Riveting
1. Reliable power transmission
2. Good toughness and plasticity
3. Convenient quality inspection
4. Good dynamic load resistance, especially suitable for structure that is heavy and that directly bears dynamic loading.
1. Complicated structure, large quantity use of steel
2. Inconvenient construction
3. Loud noise
(3). Ordinary bolt connection
Advantage: convenient loading and unloading, simple equipment
1. Bolt with low accuracy is unfavorable to bear shear
2. There is more difficulty to process and install bolt with high accuracy
(4) High-strength bolt connection
1. Good connection toughness and plasticity,
2. Convenient quality inspection,
3. Uniform force transmission;
4. For structure bearing dynamic load and working under low temperature, it features good connection reliability, dismountable and fatigue resistance
1. Processing and installation technology on rubbing surface is a little complex,
2. High cost,
3. Easy to loose under condition of dynamic function
(5) Pin connection
1. Reliable power transmission
2. Good toughness and plasticity
3. Easy quality inspection
4. High dynamic load resistance, not become loose
Disadvantage: high demand on fabrication and processing
pin connection

pin connection

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