HZP1600 overhead launching gantry working principle

How does HZP1600 overhead launching gantry work?

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HZP1600 overhead launching gantry construction condition: full span suspending construction

overhead launching gantry

overhead launching gantry

1 positioning

Longitudinal positioning for the complete machine: relative position of front support leg and main frame is unchangeable, as reducing the span, the position of rear support leg moves forward; centre line of support leg is parallel with that of pier.

Transverse positioning: position the complete machine symmetrically by taking bridge centre line as a positioning base.

2 segments suspending construction in one full span

As the launching gantry works, front and rear support legs of launching gantry bear all external force which is transmitted to pier and cushion cap by uprights at lower part of support legs. Concrete steps for girder installation: girder feeding below the bridge­­­­­­­­­→lift girder segments→suspend segments→inaccurate altitude adjustment→paint epoxy resin→accurate positioning→temporary pre-stressed tension→permanent pre-stressed steel cable tension→remove suspending boom→finished

3 longitudinal moving of launching gantry to cross piers

Front and rear support legs move to relevant position automatically to realize the complete machine crossing piers with pushing from longitudinal moving cylinder, the moving on the horizontal curve can be adjusted by lateral moving mechanism on the front and rear support legs as the launching gantry moves forward.

4 transverse adjustment of the launching gantry

Positions for transverse flanges are kept on front and rear support legs to push main frame to move transversely on main girder of support legs.

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