trial operation of beam launcher

How about trial operation of beam launcher?

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After assembling the beam launcher and make an overall check, trial operation must be done to ensure smooth work of beam launcher.

Trail operation steps are as below:

  1. two trolleys move backward to the rear part of beam launcher, take back auxiliary front support leg, measure the front end height of guide beam, consider the cantilever deflection to check whether it meet the demand to cross the pier cap at front end.
  2. If it meets the demand, adjust the front support leg to the proper position, and all mechanisms to the normal condition, make a load lifting test (one piece of precast girder is ok), the load shall be in controlled range to allow trolleys with loads move 2-3 times over and over again, the way is lift loads—stop—lower loads—move backward—stop, repeat several times.
  3. After finishing trial operation with load or no load, check whether all mechanics, mechanisms, hydraulic and electrical parts work normally. The beam launcher can start work after ensuring all is good.
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