How about the lubrication of bridge girder launcher?

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Lubrication plays a very important role in maintenance of bridge girder launcher; the quality of lubrication can decide its life and work efficiency. As a large-scale bridge building machine, its friction is bigger because its parts need to run.

ZZHZ bridge girder launcher

ZZHZ bridge girder launcher

Bridge erecting machine has features: more lubricating points, different supply oil, and different oil quality. ZZHZ will share the lubricating experience.

1)????? lubricating material must keep clean

2)????? Check the seal condition of lubricating system.

3)????? As for the high temperature lubricating points, to increase the lubrication.

4)????? Na+ lubricating grease isn?t suitable for the wet situation because for its strong water absorption.

5)????? As for the turning parts without lubricating points, in order to reduce the abrasion and corrosion, we should pour the gap regularly.

6)????? ?Smearing the oil on the connecting parts and mechanism rotating parts.

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