honeycomb girder launching gantry

How about honeycomb girder launching gantry?

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Manufactured by ZZHZ, the main beam of our honeycomb girder launching gantry is welded by triangle beams. The complete honeycomb girder is in low gravity and very safe. Honeycomb-shape hole can decrease the influence from wind. The weight of honeycomb girder launching gantry is between box girder and truss, which has strong rigidity and small deflection.

The most outstanding advantage is the erection of boundary beam. During the lifting period, the outriggers of honeycomb girder launching gantry will not hang in the air and the operators can control the launching gantry to move in forward/back/left/right direction freely. Subject to the technology specification, the error can be controlled within 5mm.

Honeycomb girder launching gantry is widely used for building bridges with features as following:

Erection camber: ≤45°


Span: ≤60m

Bridge type: highway/railway

In addition, honeycomb girder can be used for bridge building in reverse direction and special bridge type.

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