How about cranes ‘made in China’?

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My customers sometimes suspect the quality of cranes when they have a lower price, while they still suspect when we give a higher price to meet standards in their country.


Yes, cranes made in China are cheaper than that overseas, because

  1. We do not pay more to our huge labor force in a country with about 1.4 billion population, which accounts for about 20% of world population.
  2. China has cheaper raw materials
  3. Relatively coarse manufacturing process
  4. Currency-exchange rates issue, we usually convert the currency to USD which looks cheaper

Actually cranes made in China have good quality; they all follow strict national standards which are at the same level with the international standards. For manufacturing one launching gantry, we have to follow many standards listed as below:

《Crane design codes》                            GB/T 3811-2008

《Lifting equipment installation construction and acceptance specification》GB 50278-1986

《Safety technical specification for lifting machinery protection device》GB 12602-1990

《Crane test standard and procedure》                       GB 5905-1986

《Lifting machinery safety regulations》                     GB 6067-1985

《Steel structure design codes》                            GB 50017-2003

《Steel structure construction and acceptance specification》      GB 50205-2001

《Quality inspection and evaluation standard for steel structure work》   GB 50221-1995

《General assembly technical demands》                          JB/ZQ 4000.9

《General technical demands for welding parts》                    JB/ZQ 4000.3

《General technical condition for equipment painting》               JB/ZS 2.13-1994

《Fastener mechanical property》                                GB 3098

《Steel wire rope with important purpose》                         GB 8918-2006

《Electrical device installation project construction and acceptance specification》                 GB 5024 GB 50259

《General technical conditions for hydraulic system》                GB 3766-1983

And after fabrication, the launching gantry can be used only after getting test certificates issued by local quality inspection bureau.

Recently, all launching gantries must be equipped with safety monitoring system before starting working.

And we could accept the third party inspection according to international standards if our customers demand. What all we do is just to ensure the quality which will better serve customers.

That is why cranes made in China are so popular in overseas projects. At the same time, we hope customers do not pay more attention to cheap price, reliable quality shall come first.

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